• Posted by The_somberlaine
    You guys are amazing! This shop is one of my faves. But please, we need a wishlist kinda thing
  • Posted by Antonio Hermann
    When does my order get shipped 7570 ?
  • Posted by Kadesh

    This is a cool site
  • Posted by FrankyB
    Thank you! What a great shop! Metal forever, I´m so thankfull, you have great stuff for my HeavyMetalKutten. Greez from South Styria, Austria. No MetalHeads around for kilometers just me, and you make me "the only MetalHead in the village". Greez
  • Posted by Pierre
    More rhapsody stuff pls.
  • Posted by Pierre
  • Posted by dr.szucs
  • Posted by Devin
    Can I geh this Hatebreed patch in time or is it sind out forever
  • Posted by Dan
    Excellent patches, couldn't find them anywhere else, and very fast delivery too.
    I shall definitely order from this site again!
  • Posted by Michael T
    You guys have amazing patches, stuff that can't be found anywhere else. Speedy international shipping
  • Posted by Paul Gill
    I would like to purchase a NAZARETH red Patch. I had one day n my jacket in my youth 30+ years ago.
  • Posted by Matic
    Hello, im wondering if this item is going to be in stock in the next month or so?(big hatebreed patch)
  • Posted by jacobo sanchez
    the best patches😜
  • Posted by Massimiliano
    Veloci e precisi, grazie!
    Cheers from Italy
  • Posted by thomas mais-schöll

    can you tell me when my order will be send.
    order-number: 6392

  • Posted by Jackie, J.
    Thank you for the excellent service and quality of the badges, i have purchased 5 over the last couple of weeks and they are fab and superfast delivery to the UK. EXCELLENT .
    Thank You.
  • Posted by Kristoffer
    Great stuff!
  • Posted by kristine
    Really good quality patches and awesome designs.
  • Posted by Luciana
    I was blown away by the quality of the patches! It is way much better than the pictures!
    I highly recommend this store.
  • Posted by Chris
    Perfect service. Highly recommended.
  • Posted by Udoroth
    I have been grateful for this site's existence since I first discovered it. Almost every time I made an order it arrived one or two days later, and when something didn't arrive I could easily send Riffs a message and they sorted it out instantly. Only suggestion I'd make is add a wishlist, there's just too many amazing patches to bookmark
  • Posted by Salvador Ruiz
    Yo! That Opeth Morningrise patch was absolutely beautiful! My new favorite patch on my battlejacket so far! Thank you!
  • Posted by Nelson Hernandez
    Ordernumber 5458.
    I hope you help me
    a few days ago I sent several emails
    but I have not received an answer
  • Posted by Ste Airs
    Love the patches I recently ordered from you, thank you for the fast delivery, you guys are awesome!

    See you at Download & Wacken!

    I'm very excited and happy for all the goodies I just bought, the merchandise is not for sell, it's exclusively for myself to materialize a couple of projects (battle vests and a small wall) to lift up my metal spirit every day!!!...I have made a big effort to get the money enough to buy the patches and pins of my favourite bands, but at the end I know it will be worth it. Thank you again and my greetings from Colorado...

    Long life heavy metal!!!


    Fernando Burgos.
  • Posted by Blake
    Recently got Overkill and Anthrax logo backpatches from you. Great quality, love them! Thanks!
  • Posted by Scapin
    I bought my first patches with you on the road, now on the web! You're still awesome, every patch is great and received it really quickly.
    Thank you. I'll be please to see you again.
  • Posted by Jo

    I received the Manillla Road patch (Crystal Logic) yesterday. Thank you very much! It is very beautiful, I will choose a good place on my jacket for it ^^.

    See you soon. Jo
  • Posted by Riffs
    Dear costumer, if you have any queries, please use the contact form and not the guestbook since we cannot give you an answer here. Thank you!
  • Posted by Thibaut
    is it it possible for you to have in stock this old vintage patch from Megadeth : MEGADETH - RUST IN PEACE ( WOVEN ) that you sold apparently months before ?
    Thank you
  • Posted by Oscar
    Received the Destruction patch I ordered today in time for Christmas thanks it looks really nice.
  • Posted by Lucas Werth
    Hey guys,
    a few months ago I saw a Manowar Kings of Metal backpatch in your shop.
    Do you think, you could get that in your shop again?
    It would be awesome guys!
  • Posted by Anto
    My order arrived quickly and support is very good. 5 stars, I recommend. Thanks!
  • Posted by Michelle
    Hey Guys
    you really need to improve your 90s retro webpage. We rockers from Australia with piss slow internet would appreciate it lol
  • Posted by Geoff
    Very good quality patches for a good price. Arrived in perfect state. Thanks!
  • Posted by Paul sainsbury
    Love the shaped logo girlschool patch .
    Do you post to the u.k.
  • Posted by persely
    Hey guys, would it be possible to ship to Hungary? CEE region is pretty much covered except for my country . thanks in advance
  • Posted by Kevin Hoare
    Hi, can you do a Krokus logo patch?
  • Posted by Jan
    Hay when is there the embroidered shape airbourne backpatch Again?
    Which is sold out
  • Posted by Giovanny
    I want to know how to order with tracking.
  • Posted by daxmaster71
    Hallo Richard
    I have send a message to my order 2472 for two days.can you see it.
    Greetings from Germany Enrico
  • Posted by Jon
    @ Daniel; these types of cast pins are typically pretty heavy duty. I have some on my vest that have been there for years. Life hack; get a tube of silicone epoxy and put a small dab on the metal back before putting it on the post. When it sets it won't fall off when you're at a fest in the crowd. The silicone stays flexible, but can be removed unlike crazy glue. \m/
  • Posted by Daniel
    Hey, does anybody know if the pins are heavy or made to last? Just want to make sure they arent chincy and break after a couple months. Thanks!
  • Posted by JayDee
    would be awesome to get the Thors-Hammer in Black&White !
  • Posted by Katerine
    Would be neat if you brought back the Tarja logo patch. Thanks!
  • Posted by Matt Connar
    Arch enemy pins would be pretty tight
  • Posted by Michael
    Hi, any nice MORGANA LEFAY stuff would be awesome!
    Looking for a nice logo shape patch, or some metal pin.
    You should think about doing it!
  • Posted by Martin
    Dead Lord and Kadavar would be great
  • Posted by Marie
    Hej! Will the Volbeat Back Patch with the knives be restored some day? Cheers, Marie
  • Posted by megamuch
    D-A-D,Faster Pussycat,Jetboy,Screamer,Dead Lord,Tito & Tarantula patches would be great!
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