• Posted by Lucas Werth
    Hey guys,
    a few months ago I saw a Manowar Kings of Metal backpatch in your shop.
    Do you think, you could get that in your shop again?
    It would be awesome guys!
  • Posted by Anto
    My order arrived quickly and support is very good. 5 stars, I recommend. Thanks!
  • Posted by Michelle
    Hey Guys
    you really need to improve your 90s retro webpage. We rockers from Australia with piss slow internet would appreciate it lol
  • Posted by Geoff
    Very good quality patches for a good price. Arrived in perfect state. Thanks!
  • Posted by Paul sainsbury
    Love the shaped logo girlschool patch .
    Do you post to the u.k.
  • Posted by VALERIE KUFTA
    I have just ordered, how long will I receive my articles?
  • Posted by persely
    Hey guys, would it be possible to ship to Hungary? CEE region is pretty much covered except for my country . thanks in advance
  • Posted by Kevin Hoare
    Hi, can you do a Krokus logo patch?
  • Posted by Jan
    Hay when is there the embroidered shape airbourne backpatch Again?
    Which is sold out
  • Posted by Giovanny
    I want to know how to order with tracking.
  • Posted by daxmaster71
    Hallo Richard
    I have send a message to my order 2472 for two days.can you see it.
    Greetings from Germany Enrico
  • Posted by Jon
    @ Daniel; these types of cast pins are typically pretty heavy duty. I have some on my vest that have been there for years. Life hack; get a tube of silicone epoxy and put a small dab on the metal back before putting it on the post. When it sets it won't fall off when you're at a fest in the crowd. The silicone stays flexible, but can be removed unlike crazy glue. \m/
  • Posted by Daniel
    Hey, does anybody know if the pins are heavy or made to last? Just want to make sure they arent chincy and break after a couple months. Thanks!
  • Posted by JayDee
    would be awesome to get the Thors-Hammer in Black&White !
  • Posted by Katerine
    Would be neat if you brought back the Tarja logo patch. Thanks!
  • Posted by Matt Connar
    Arch enemy pins would be pretty tight
  • Posted by Michael
    Hi, any nice MORGANA LEFAY stuff would be awesome!
    Looking for a nice logo shape patch, or some metal pin.
    You should think about doing it!
  • Posted by Martin
    Dead Lord and Kadavar would be great
  • Posted by Marie
    Hej! Will the Volbeat Back Patch with the knives be restored some day? Cheers, Marie
  • Posted by megamuch
    D-A-D,Faster Pussycat,Jetboy,Screamer,Dead Lord,Tito & Tarantula patches would be great!
  • Posted by Christophe
    Hi,a DOWN shaped logo backpatch would be great!
  • Posted by Sandra
    When will you restock the Lifelover pin? I want to buy 2!
  • Posted by Anthony Padula

    This looks like one awesome DISTRO , Look forward to supporting
  • Posted by Kai
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

    I just received the motörhead backpatches I ordered. They are of a very, very good quality and worth every cent of their price. Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

  • Posted by Stichler
    When will the Taake - Pin arrive again ? Can I preorder it ?
    Please e-mail me.
    Thanks !
  • Posted by Jordan
    I'm looking for one of the large Malevolent Creation back patches, please let me kno when you have more in stock \mc/
  • Posted by Jim Aslanis
    Hello my friends..!!
    I 'm interested for a Malevolent Creation Backpatch..
    But i see that you don't ship to Greece....
    Am i right??
  • Posted by Roan Kuiper
    The Metallica Old logo long backpatch, can you give me a, what is it like 7 or something?
  • Posted by Edward Oliden
    what size is the Ozzy red/white logo patch
  • Posted by Per Eriksson
    I wish to put a bigger order, the site stops at 30 articles.
    Please contact me.
    Best regards
  • Posted by Masaki Taga
    I would like to order some back patches.Can you send to japan?
  • Posted by Steve
    I would like to order the white embroidered sabaton patch from you, the only catch is I would need delivery to my location in the US no later than January 20th. Is this something you would be able to ensure?
  • Posted by Demi

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    a few months ago I saw a Manowar Kings...  read more
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  • 15-09-2017 - Hey Guys
    you really need to improve your 90s retro webpage....  read more
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